Incubated Companies

Founded in 2019, DanXi is a company that focuses on the R & D of GaN power IC and application solution. The core R & D members of the company have the R & D experience in the highest research institutions in Europe and China. Based on the technical advantages and aiming at the most promising applications at present, Danxi will develop the FIRST domestic GAN POWER IC, and realize the revolution of GaN in the field of power electronics. At the same time, DanXi will focus on the fields of fast charging, OBC, LiDAR and 5G envelope tracking to develop the world-class application solutions of GaN.

Blue Silicon is committed to becoming the leading power semiconductor design company in China, Asia and the world, with localized r&d team as the main part, and technical cooperation with advanced teams in Europe and America, to promote the innovation of high energy efficiency, green energy electronics and improve system efficiency so that customers can reduce energy consumption.

The product range starts from discrete devices such as MOSFET and IGBT, and gradually extends to modules and system solutions, and covers SiC and GaN devices and related power management chips.Blue silicon technologies' microelectronics products and solutions help engineers solve their unique design challenges in automotive, communications, computer, consumer electronics, industrial, medical, rail transit, aerospace and power applications.

We integrate the foundry resources of Japan, Japan, Taiwan and mainland China, and configure our proprietary chip manufacturing and packaging technology in the wafer foundry to cooperate with the design and production of advanced power semiconductor products.At the same time in the domestic, Asia, North America and Europe to operate sales offices and agent sales network.

Blue silicon technology aims to provide customers with "one-stop" power conversion and management solutions with more efficient and miniature size, greater power density, higher work efficiency and cost-effective products.

APD-SEMI Technology Co., Ltd. is a semiconductor fabless company that integrates chip design and sales. The company mainly focuses on three fields: 1. R&D of chips around PD and Type C fast charging solutions; 2. High-voltage high currency power chip alternatives to European and American products; 3. Low power consumption power chip design. Next 5-10 years will be a golden period for PD fast charge development. At present, APD-SEMI company takes the PD fast charge market as an opportunity and design a series of PD chips, including AC-DC PWM control chips, PWM driver chips with built-in MOS, high voltage Synchronous rectifier chip, high voltage DC-DC chip, low power consumption LDO and other chips.

Lixin Semiconductor is a subsidiary of Shenzhen Lixin Semiconductor Co., Ltd, a high-tech company specializing in integrated circuit design services. The headquarter is located in Shenzhen Science and Technology Park. There are 5 engineers with 15 years of layout design experience, and 20 engineers with over 5 years of layout design and circuit analysis experience. There are three subsidiaries including Chengdu Lixin. By 2021, the number of employees will be over one hundred including headquarter and subsidiaries. Relying on HKUST, the company established a wholly-owned subsidiary of Chengdu Lixin in 2019 to enter the field of power semiconductor design services. The company has thousands of IC layout design experience and chip reverse analysis project experience, and its business covers the Analog Layout / IC Reverse Analysis category. The layout technology process linewidth has accumulated from 16nm to 0.6um, and has design service capabilities in CMOS, BiCMOS, and BCD. Company supports flexible service models such as SVN and field support.
Established in Dec. 2019, formed by a group of power semiconductor industry elites and veterans with the core design team members from ITRI and VIS. Focused and specialized in the design and processes of high voltage, high current and high efficiency power devices and modules based on the 3rd generation material silicon carbide (SiC). Provide solutions of high power conversion and power management. Products include 650V/1200V series of SiC Schottky diodes, MOSFET and power modules.