The 7th Silicon Power Salon Successfully Held

The 7th Silicon Power Salon Successfully Held

On September 20th, the 7th "Silicon Power Salon" of Chengdu Silicon Power Technology Co., Ltd. was held. The theme of this "Silicon Power Salon" was "Using domestic high-end resources to design first-class analog ICs". Huang Jian, director of the General Electronics Industry Division of the Chengdu Economic and Informatization Commission, delivered a speech at the event. Jesse Parker, general manager of Chengdu Silicon Power Technology Co., Ltd., Liu Xiaoming, EDA product manager of Beijing Empyrean Software Co., Ltd., and Zhang Baiyuan, Senior Customer Manager of ACTT gave keynote speeches on entrepreneurship and technology. More than 70 people from Silicon Power Technology's partners and related enterprise representatives from Shanghai, Shenzhen, Jiangsu and other places, senior experts, and heads and engineers of related startup teams participated in the event.

Director Huang Jian pointed out that although Chengdu Silicon Power Technology was established less than one year ago, it has attracted close attention from the Chengdu industrial sector because of its focusing on the field of power semiconductors and its international operation model and high degree of activity have. Last month, Jesse Parker, the general manager of Chengdu Silicon Power Technology, also participated in the electronic information industry investment promotion conference held in Singapore by Chengdu government as a member of delegation of the incubator platform of the semiconductor industry in Chengdu. It’s a full recognition and compliments of Silicon Power Technology for contributing to the development of Chengdu's semiconductor industry. As an incubator that operates internationally and provides specialized services, Chengdu Silicon Power Technology represents the image of Chengdu's new, professional, and efficient incubation platform; as a foreign-funded enterprise, it represents Chengdu's open-mindedness of being able to embrace all rivals and friends. The Singapore promotion conference is large-scale, high-level, and deeply interactive. Nearly 100 media around the world reported the event. Mr. Jesse Parker, general manager of Chengdu Silicon Power Technology, fluent in Chinese and English, and familiar with Chinese and American culture, not only effectively introduced Silicon Energy Technology to the world, but also recommended Chengdu's excellent working and living environment and business environment, perfect infrastructure, strong electronics industry strength, active entrepreneurial atmosphere, efficient and dedicated government services to the world.

At the same time, Director Huang Jian thanked Chengdu Silicon Power Technology for its great achievements and progress in the past year, and also thanked Chengdu for its contribution to the cultivation of industrial talents and enterprise cultivation. Director Huang Jian pointed out that Chengdu attaches great importance to the integrated circuit industry. In recent years, it has actively implemented the national integrated circuit development strategy, fully leveraged the advantages of a complete semiconductor industry chain and a strong foundation, and actively expanded domestic and international openness, exchanges, and cooperation to continuously optimize service environment. It proactively promulgated support policies to promote the integrated circuit industry to a new level. In the face of the new industry situation last year, Chengdu issued a policy to support the development of the integrated circuit industry, and implemented and tried it out this year. As the authority for integrated circuits in Chengdu, Chengdu Economic and Information Commission will extensively listen to companies and institutions in the integrated circuit to get the feedback of opinions and suggestions on the policy which will be improved to become upgraded industry support new policy at the end of the year. The Economic and Information Commission will, as always, do a good job of corporate service and talent service, increase support, optimize the policy environment, and promote the Chengdu integrated circuit industry to a higher level.

Liu Xiaoming, EDA Product Manager of Beijing Empyrean Software Co., Ltd. gave a speech entitled "Efficient Power Chip Design Solutions". Beijing Empyrean Software Co., Ltd. is currently the largest EDA leader in China with the strongest technical strength, dedicated to providing one-stop EDA and related services for the pan-semiconductor industry. Liu Xiaoming pointed out that the power chip is the core component of automotive, consumer and industrial electronics. In the field of automotive electronics, the reliability requirements of the power chip (such as adapting to harsh environments such as high temperature / high voltage) pose new challenges to the design. In the field of consumer and industrial electronics, increasing system integration is a market development trend, such as power management modules that pursue extreme dynamic power control to combine with digital-analog hybrid chips, sub-threshold design chips required for IoT, and fast-charge chips. With the development of market demand, efficiency and reliability have become two major challenges for chip designers. On the one hand, the chip manufacturing cycle is getting longer while the chip's market cycle is unchanged, which further compresses the design cycle. Designers urgently need an efficient design environment; on the other hand, the power density and functional complexity of the chip get higher, which makes the reliability analysis and verification of power supply design more and more difficult. Empyrean has focused on EDA solutions for power chip design in recent years. In response to new problems in efficiency and reliability, the software has been comprehensively optimized and improved to form unique power chip design solutions, such as scalable circuit / layout development platform cooperates with the simulator to accelerate multi-process corner simulation verification, high-speed and high-precision simulation accelerates post-simulation verification with high reliability requirements, efficient physical verification result analysis to accelerate design iteration, and design optimization guidance based on netlist parasitic parameter analysis, and accurate power module reliability analysis. The platform can help designers of power chips improve design efficiency and product reliability.

Zhang Baiyuan, senior customer manager of Chengdu Analog Circuit Technology (ACTT), gave a speech entitled "ACTT_Analog and NVM IPs total solution. ACTT is a national high-tech enterprise focusing on R & D and licensing of ultra-low-power analog IP and high-reliability eNVM. It is the only IP company in China that can provide a full set of NB-IoT / ultra-low-power IoT analog IP solutions. It is also the only MTP company in the world to enter the international large manufacturers and enterprises in the automotive electronics field. In the speech, Zhang Baiyuan introduced various IP related parameters of ACTT, and pointed out that ACTT's analog IP can adapt to various current process line widths and processes, as well as various analog chip application scenarios. At present, ACTT has established cooperative relationships with analog chip design companies across the country, and ACTT's high reliability has been perfectly verified in its products.

According to the year plan of the Silicon Power Salon, Jesse Parker, general manager of Chengdu Silicon Power Technology Co., Ltd. continued to launch his entrepreneurship instruction course. In this issue of Silicon Power Salon, Jesse Parker focused on talent, team building, technology, market, return on investment, and exit to give everyone a vivid entrepreneurial knowledge class with a humorous language. Jesse Parker pointed out that when starting a business, you must first have a clear goal. Do you want to make a certain amount of money? Or achieve your ability goals? Or is it to become a large company and you become the chairman of a listed company? The goal must be clear without ambiguity, because the clear goal determines your strategy implementation route in the company's business process and your attitude towards the company when the company faces a turning. Robert Frost, a great poet in the United States, wrote a well-known poem called "The Road Not Taken". The poem describes the scene very similar to the situation we face when we started our business. When starting a business, you may face many choices. Following the path others take, you will be led to mediocrity and miss opportunities. If you take a different approach, you may be favored and cared by the god of destiny. Starting a business requires bravery and adventure, and unique mind and style. In entrepreneurship, innovation is one of the main factors for success. Innovation is to provide the market and customers with unique and brand-new products and services. Innovation can apply for patent protection, which is conducive to forming its own unique IP, innovative products and services. It can create a huge market with the highest probability, and at the same time, the gross profit is higher. Of course, innovation is not one-off or phased, but continuous, uninterrupted, and multi-level product update iterations. It is important to build an excellent team. We must introduce talents and build a talent team with the “choice of stronger people than ourselves”. Enterprise managers must have a strong guiding force, and at the same time be good at devolving power to departments and employees. Alibaba has set a model for us in this respect. Alibaba's corporate management and team management combine Chinese and Western corporate management culture advantages. The role of talents is fully exerted, business operations are very efficient, and it is worth our research and study. In entrepreneurship, it is important to have good technology, but good technology does not equal good products. Turning technology into a product and then bringing it to the market is a complicated process. In this process, it is necessary to highly combine the cyclical development and change of the semiconductor market and national policy guidance to launch good products that are marketable. In semiconductor design, you must refuse to use pirated products, because in the process of using pirated software, you may face the risk of being sued by law at the same time, and it will also bring uncertainty to your product design implementation. In product design, we must communicate closely with customers and carefully review their opinions, but at the same time we must adhere to principles.

Jesse Parker pointed out that with the implementation of the "Made in China 2025" strategy, China's semiconductor market will grow from 300 billion US dollars in 2018 to 500 billion US dollars in 2025, and the market share of domestic products will be 12% in 2018. It will grow to 70% in 2025. By analyzing and observing the development of the semiconductor industry and the development law of the semiconductor industry in recent years, and in consideration o the analysis of the world ’s leading semiconductor organizations, 2015-2025 will be the golden decade for China ’s semiconductor development. Young people in the semiconductor industry must seize the opportunity to bravely join the tide of semiconductor entrepreneurship, give play to their talents, create their own stage, and realize their ideals and values in life. In financing, companies should pay attention to the introduction of “smart” capital, but refuse “stupid” capital that only values “fast money like real estate. Smart capital respects the law of the development of the semiconductor industry, and is very patient and  focused in the long run, allowing entrepreneurs to temporarily lose money, but is more in line with the needs of semiconductor startups. Although corporate equity is very important, in order to achieve greater development for the enterprise, it is a good idea to exchange equity for investment to achieve development. When seeking a private equity investment, the founder must make preparations such as making a business plan, and at the same time have an accurate understanding of whom to negotiate with, so that the chance of obtaining investment will be greatly increased. One of the characteristics of the founders of Chinese companies is that after the company grows, they regard the company as their own sons and always reluctant to sell. As an investor who owns equity, the process of investing in the company is regarded as pig raising. When pigs are fattened, they will be sold quickly to get money returned for more pigs’ raising. In this way, there will be differences between investors and founders. In fact, selling larger companies may be a good idea to move to a higher level of career. Of course, there is no affirmative answer to whether to sell or not. It depends on the founder's goals and values.

On the day of the Silicon Power Salon, a new member of Silicon Power Technology Incubator was presented—the incubator and Sichuan Suenji Technology Co., Ltd. reached an incubation service agreement. The company will settle in on another day this month to receive Silicon Power Technology’s incubation!