The  Fourth ‘Silicon Power Salon’ Successfully Completed

The Fourth ‘Silicon Power Salon’ Successfully Completed

On June 21st, the fourth ‘Silicon Power Salon’ was held in the Silicon Power Technology incubator. Mr. Chang Zhiqiang, TCAD technical support manager of Silvaco China, and Dr. Ming Xin from UESTC PITEL were invited to give a speech on power device emulation and GaN gate drive technology respectively. Entrepreneurship teams from universities such as UESTC, Southwest Jiaotong University, Sichuan University, and related startups in Chengdu participated in the lecture.

After the event began, Jesse Parker, general manager of Chengdu Silicon Power Technology, first gave a speech. Jesse Parker talked about the operation of the technology incubator, the services provided, the recruitment progress of the company, the strategic planning, the purpose and significance of the Silicon Power Salon. After the introduction, Mr. Chang Zhiqiang, TCAD Technical Support Manager of Silvaco China, and Dr. Ming Xin, Research Expert from UESTC PITEL were presented to the participants. Both were offered as guest innovation and entrepreneurship mentor of ‘Silicon Power Salon’.

Chang Zhiqiang, TCAD Technical Support Manager of Silvaco China, gave a speech first. Chang Zhiqiang, as the technical head of Silvaco's large regional, has excellent expertise in TCAD technology and rich experience in application. He has helped many customers in process and device simulation to achieve success in his career. He introduced the overall situation of Silvaco and shared the use of Silvaco TCAD software and related technologies. He pointed out that Silvaco is a strong EDA and IP provider with globally leading TCAD tools. Silvaco offers a wide range of EDA tools and IP solutions. Silvaco's TCAD is featured with 3D simulation performance, easy use and high automation. He focused on the principles of and application in Silvaco TCAD in advanced CMOS design, optical simulation, radiation effect models, silicon-based flat panel display design, power semiconductor and other design simulations.

Next, Dr. Ming Xin gave a speech. Dr. Ming Xin received his Ph.D. degree in engineering from the UESTC. He is currently working at UESTC PITEL and is an associate professor of the laboratory. He studied at IMEC in Belgium and the CPES Center in Virginia Tech. Dr. Ming Xin has long been engaged in the DC-DC switching variator control theory and circuit research, theory and application technology of advanced on-chip LDO circuit, GaN driver circuit and class D audio amplifier with ultra-low EMI characteristics.

Dr. Ming Xin gave a presentation around the GaN gate drive technology, from the advantages of GAN, GAN design issues, GAN gate drive related issues, half-bridge gate drive design, dead time / EMI control, guidance technology, and etc.

At the end of the salon, the first, second and third prize came out of luck draw.

In addition to UESTC PITEL and Silvaco, the event also received the support from the Institute of Microelectronics, Chinese Academy of Sciences, Moore Elite, Cadence, CRMC, Magnachip, Hongtai Fund, Everbright Capital, Chengdu High-tech Investment, Dayi Capital, Chengdu High-tech IC China and other partners.