The Third ‘Silicon Power Salon’ Successfully Completed

The Third ‘Silicon Power Salon’ Successfully Completed

Chengdu Silicon Power Technology's third “Power Silicon Salon” was successfully completed on April 18th. After the introduction of this event and some exchanges, a number of participating start-up teams expressed their strong willingness to settle in the incubator, and conducted preliminary consultations with the company. In addition, a number of companies in the semiconductor and investment sectors have joined the power semiconductor entrepreneurial service system constructed by Silicon Power Technology to become a “In-kind Partner” and “Strategic Partner” with Silicon Power Technology. David French, Chairman of Silicon Power Technology, and General Manager Jesse Parker attended the event. Shao Hong, deputy general manager of sales center of CSMC delivered a speech at the event. Richard Curtin, founder of Silicon Catalyst, and Zhang Sen, director of process development at CSMC, and Lin Feng, senior manager of process development at CSMC, gave lectures on topics.

Zhang Sen, Director of Process Development CSMC, first gave a lecture titled “Introduction to CSMC Half-Bridge Drive Series Process Platform”. In the lecture, Zhang Sen outlined the overall situation of CSMC Half-Bridge Drive Series process platform, followed by a presentation of implementation principles, methods, characteristics, development status, functions and advantages of 1.0um 60-120V HV CMOS, 150-600V HVIC, and 0.5um 500-600V SOI. Zhang Sen pointed out that the process platform enjoys fewer lithography layers, higher cost performance, more stable electrical parameters and yield, and has stood rigorous process reliability assessment. This process is mostly used in motor drive, intelligent power module (IPM), high-power power supply and other products. It has a wide range of applications, including industrial electromechanical, household appliances, intelligent switches, automotive electronics and other fields.

Then, Lin Feng, senior manager of Process Development CSMC, gave a detailed presentation of high-power 0.25μm sBCDG2 platform and high density 0.18μm BCD (DB/AB) platform in the BCD series process from the overall process overview, technical characteristics, main device performance, process platform status, and etc.  Lin Feng pointed out that CMSC's 0.25um BCD process platform has the advantages of providing thick gate oxide HV devices, high frequency MV devices, OTP and Poly fuse, and fewer mask layers. The 0.18μm BCD process boasts the advantages of fewer design rules, smaller on-resistance, better Mismatch characteristics, richer library unit and IP options. The process platform is reliable and can meet the needs of customers for different voltage segments. It can be widely used in chips and devices for wearables, mobile phones, computers, small appliances and medical products.

Richard Curtin gave a wonderful speech on the theme, from team building, organization structure of start-ups, company culture construction, company strategy and brand image, products meeting market demands, and financing.

Richard Curtin pointed out that when the founder started to create a business, he should first regard the business as a long marathon rather than a transient sprint. The purpose and goals must be defined based on values when starting a business. A team created by a person with leadership is more likely to achieve success. Leadership is mainly manifested in the following aspects. First, one should know himself/herself well and are aware of his/her own advantages and disadvantages to be improved. Second, one should be a person with strong communication skill. Third, one should be willing to accept others' evaluation of him/her so as to figure out what helps him/her to be a better one. Fourth, one should keep attaching importance to the construction of company culture. Fifth, one should have firm determination and excellent time management skills. Leadership can be improved by exercise and training with passion and persistence. Execution, responsibility, trust, solidarity and good character are the most important elements of leadership.

As for team building, Richard Curtin pointed out that when choosing a person to join the team, it is necessary to pay attention to his initiatives, tolerance of work pressure, his ambition, his work attitude, his work experience and his professional qualification.

With regard to company strategy and brand image building, Richard Curtin pointed out that company founders must have a clear company product strategy to determine if they are a market leader or a market follower so as to position and develop their products and carry out business activities. It is necessary to create its own brand image distinguished by its own advantages, key strategies and company features. At the same time, the differentiation strategy is also important.

In terms of products meeting market demands, Richard Curtin pointed out that the founders of the company should pay attention to the market response of products and services to understand what is urgently needed to be solved, and to analyze how the economy will be affected if the problem is not solved or delayedly solved. No effort should be spared to work out the most efficient solution. A detailed strategy is needed for the product’s entry to the market, focusing the key elements including product, price, promotion and position.

For start-up financing, Richard Curtin pointed out that the key factor in raising funds is made up of team, technology, and traction. There are many sources of funds, such as friends, family, government support, seed platforms, angel investors, incubators, and etc.

Richard Curtin's speech was followed by the questions and answers session. The entrepreneurs participating in the event asked questions about the incubator's operation, the advantages of developing the semiconductor industry in Chengdu, how semiconductor companies broke through, and how to treat the "996" overtime culture. Richard Curtin and Jesse Parker, the general manager of the company, gave the questioners a detailed answer. In order to encourage the questioner, the original English book "The Entrepreneur Bible" that Richard Curtin brought back from the United States was given as a gift.

The lucky draw was for the last part of the salon, and the QR code got the lucky winner.