The Second Silicon Power Salon Successfully Completed in Shanghai

The Second Silicon Power Salon Successfully Completed in Shanghai

On March 21st, Chengdu Silicon Power Technology held the second ‘Silicon Power Salon’” in Shanghai IC Coffee. Jesse Parker, general manager of the company, spoke at the salon. Dr. Qiao Ming from UESTC PITEL gave a speech about Power semiconductor devices and their integration technologies. Power semiconductor start-ups, team leaders and team members from Chengdu and Shanghai, as well as relevant industry insiders, listened to the speech.

In his speech, Jesse Parker, general manager of Silicon Power Technology, first gave a brief introduction to Silicon Power Technology and his own professional experience, followed by Chengdu's current semiconductor industry development, the important characteristics and development direction of the company. Jesse Parker pointed out that the integrated circuit is one of the four strategic industries identified by Chengdu. In recent years, strong support to Chengdu's semiconductor industry from the central and Sichuan government as well as Chengdu municipal government, together with Chengdu's abundant talent resources and other essential resources have made Chengdu a good place for developing the semiconductor industry. Many world-renowned semiconductor companies have set up R&D centers and factories in Chengdu, making Chengdu's semiconductor industry a higher position in the highlands. Silicon Power Technology is dedicated to power semiconductors. Silicon Catalyst, one of the company's shareholders, is the most important semiconductor incubator in the United States, who has many successful incubation cases worth learning from. Besides, Silicon Power Technology is not only a power semiconductor incubator, but also a technology company. The company itself also conducts research and development of power semiconductor products, and also has investment functions. It will also carry out investment business in the field of power semiconductors.

Yuan Wei, the investment manager from Silicon Power Technology gave an introduction of the company’s general conditions, business model, incubating companies, development direction, investment and cooperation to all participants.

Finally, Dr. Qiao Ming from UESTC gave a presentation on integrated power semiconductor devices and the integration technologies. Dr. Qiao Ming pointed out that power semiconductor devices are widely used in production and life, ranging from mobile phones to black-and-white home appliances to rail transit and aircraft. Almost all electronic products use power devices for signal processing, and more than 75% of the power needs to be converted by power semiconductor chips. If the CPU is compared to the human brain, then the power semiconductor is the heart and muscle. The power semiconductor technology upgrade is very fast. With the advancement and application of other technologies such as advanced processes, power devices and chips can realize more and more functions. Product applications are also becoming more and more extensive, and have expanded from traditional industrial fields, consumer fields, communications, and computers to emerging fields such as new energy vehicles and rail transit. Since power semiconductors are mainly a process of turning raw electricity into precision electricity, power semiconductors can not only achieve energy saving and efficient power use, but also play an important role in environmental protection. Furthermore, it is the basic and core technology for energy conservation and environmental protection. Power devices are so important that it objectively provides our industry with opportunities.

Dr. Qiao Ming pointed out that power semiconductor has huge market potential. In 2001, the market size of power semiconductor was $11.5 billion, and in 2017 it was $38 billion. It is expected that the annual growth rate will reach 8.08% from 2016 to 2022. The global market will reach $65 billion in the year of 2022. It is known that the power semiconductor industry market is equally shared by leading companies. After years and now, it has been found that none of the world’s top ten power semiconductor companies has successfully dominated the market share, with mergers or acquisitions, though. Each company has its own specialty products and fist products. Therefore, compared to digital ICs, power semiconductors have more opportunities to catch up with world-class manufacturers.

Dr. Qiao Ming also introduced the BCD process principle, implementation method and product application, and high-voltage power supply integration technology based on silicon, high-voltage power supply integration technology of silicon on insulating substrate and other related technologies.