To everyone who is concerned about Silicon Power Technology: [Intelligent Consulting and Entrepreneurship Training Camp] is officially online!

To everyone who is concerned about Silicon Power Technology: [Intelligent Consulting and Entrepreneurship Training Camp] is officially online!

To everyone who is concerned about Silicon Power Technology:

At the beginning of May, Chengdu Silicon Power Technology and Shanghai Huanyu Siben Business Consulting Co., Ltd. (referred to as Huanyu Siben) reached a strategic cooperation. For specific cooperation content and direction, you can view the previous article "Strategic Cooperation between Silicon Power Technology and Huanyu Siben for Enpowering Semiconductor Startups".

The main purpose of the two companies' strong alliance is to empower start-up companies incubated in Silicon Power Technology and other companies in the industry, which will greatly enhance Silicon Power Technology’s empowering integrated circuit design companies in the Chengdu and Chongqing Economic Circles such as the "key&core technology" startups and teams.

Thus came into being is Silicon Power Intelligent Consulting and Entrepreneurship Empowerment Camp, the large-scale management training course jointly developed by both parties this time.

Through the strategic cooperation with Huanyu Siben, Silicon Power Technology invited professors and scholars from well-known universities in the eastern region such as Fudan University and Shanghai Jiaotong University and practical experts from well-known enterprises such as Huawei and Ali to conduct targeted training based on systematic research and special research to focus on the pain points, difficulties, win points and basis point in the management development of startups, providing a world vision, methodology and toolbox for startups, and accurately support the development of startups.

The purpose of this course is also to introduce the most suitable management concept and tools for the enterprise, starting from the all-direction problem chain of the development of entrepreneurial enterprises, and effectively help the startup team solve the most common and challenging series of core problems so that they can focus on their expertise. At the same time, the project is able to provide the startups with access to better investment and financing institutions and industry chain resources.

The project is mainly customized for entrepreneurs of small, medium, micro-sized enterprises and core management of the electronic information industry in Chengdu and Chongqing, especially for the startup team of integrated circuit startups.

Therefore, Silicon Power Technology and Huanyu Siben will invite the management class and personnel in the industry to participate.

Up to now, all the relevant courses of this intelligent consulting have been released:

Schedule for Intelligent Consulting Course

Meeting planned to be held on May 20, 2020






Strategic planning and business planning for Startups

Clearly focus on the development direction of the enterprise, and ensure that the enterprise leverages the most limited resources for the most correct thing.



Startup market management

Help start-ups to accurately develop the market, enhance their market capabilities, effectively get the first order, and form a way of survival



R&D management of startups

R&D efficiency and quality are crucial to the life of technology-based startups. We will help companies to keep an eye on customer needs, effectively conduct R&D management, and improve R&D efficiency, quality and demand matching.



Brand marketing management for startups

We will help startups attach great importance to brand marketing and learn the ability to identify customers as quickly as possible. Through event marketing, clues and opportunities can be expanded to lay the foundation for market sales.



Startup talent management

Based on the company's current needs and future directions, it helps companies efficiently find professionals who are suitable for business development and accurately build a team that supports the development of the company.



Startup performance management

Performance is the guarantee for the survival of startups. We encourage companies to seek suitable performance management models, pass pressure, stimulate co-creation, and improve their ability to respond quickly to demand.



Startup incentives

To explore incentives suitable for startups, form a rapid matching mechanism for value creation, value evaluation, and value distribution, and mobilize the enthusiasm and outsourcing capabilities of limited members.



Startup financial strategy

Helping enterprises with precise budget management, rationally allocating limited resources, ensuring that the most core business uses the most reasonable resources.



Taxation issues f Startups

Helping enterprises to deeply understand and use various policies to make good use of laws, regulate taxation according to laws and regulations, in lowest cost with best efficiency



Partner mechanism for startups

Encouraging startups to do a good job in equity design to effectively use partner mechanisms to grow their businesses, and more effectively avoid related risks.


The first course of this training camp will be open to public for free half a day. Industry professionals interested in the course are welcome to participate.

We will open the registration channel in the future. Please continue to pay attention to Silicon Power Technology!