Grand Anniversary Celebration of Silicon Power Technology

Grand Anniversary Celebration of Silicon Power Technology

On January 14th, Silicon Power Technology held its first anniversary celebration and 2020 annual meeting in the Hilton Garden Inn Chengdu Meicheng where was filled with bright lights and continuous laughter. More than 150 representatives from Sichuan Province Integrated Circuit and Information Security Industry Investment Fund, US Silicon Catalyst, Chengdu Hi-tech Electronic Information Industry Development Co., Ltd., Innophase, Jinan Anhai Semiconductor Co., Ltd., Chengdu Integrated Circuit Industry Association, Power Integration Technology Laboratory of University of Electronic Science and Technology, Shanghai Institute of Industrial Creativity, School of Overseas Education, Jiaotong University, Chengdu Electronic Information Industry Association, Sichuan Provincial Innovation and Entrepreneurship Promotion Association, Beijing JAC Capital, and other well-known semiconductor institutions, enterprises, investment and financing institutions in China and the United States, and relevant government departments in Chengdu Hi-tech Zone , Association, and more than 30 in-kind partners and Blue Silicon Technology, Danxi Technology, Honed Chip Technology and other 11 incubator companies attended the celebration.

The celebration kicked off with a light dance. The light dance shows the spirit of ambition, determination and positive optimism of all employees of Silicon Power Technology. After the light dance performance began, the lights on the auditorium and the stage went out, dynamic music began to sound, and the performers came on stage to dance. With the rhythm of the music, the large background screen flashed. The light moved fast like lightning in the dark, bringing a sense of mystery to the audience, as well as the beauty of power and rhythm.

Subsequently, David French, the chairman of Silicon Power Technology, gave a speech. David French said that he entered the semiconductor industry 43 years ago, and for half of the following years, he was engaged in the identification and training of semiconductor startup teams. 15 years ago, he met Jesse Parker, who is now the general manager of Silicon Power Technology. As they both shared the same ambitions, goals, and ideas, they hit it off and started commercial cooperation. Over the years, they have collaborated on many projects, most of which have been successful. More than a year ago, David French and Jesse Parker came to Chengdu for an inspection. After consideration, comparing, and analyzing, they thought that Chengdu had a very obvious industrial advantage, talent advantage, resource advantage, and location advantage in semiconductors, and it was a place of opportunity to develop a semiconductor business in Chengdu. They also met Professor Zhang Bo of the University of Electronic Science and Technology. David French and Jesse Parker told Professor Zhang Bo the idea of setting up a semiconductor company, and Professor Zhang Bo couldn’t agree more. With the support of Professor Zhang Bo and other parties, they established Silicon Power Technology in Chengdu. At present, the main work of Silicon Power Technology is to identify promising start-up teams and use the resources and experience accumulated over years to train them and make them grow. During the past year in Chengdu, they met many new friends whose support helped Silicon Power Technology achieve excellent results which have exceeded what has been expected.

Professor Zhang Bo, the director of Expert Committee of Silicon Power Technology, addressed the annual meeting through a video. Professor Zhang Bo said that the era creates opportunities. It is now a golden time to develop advanced technology and special products, special processes, and even the entire semiconductor field. Excellent time opportunities, coupled with a good policy environment, in a short period of one year, Silicon Power Technology has achieved very good results——11 companies have been incubated. At present, the business scope of Silicon Power Technology’s Incubation companies covers from traditional silicon-based integrated circuits and power devices to next-generation silicon carbide-based and gallium-nitride-based power devices which involve the entire power field. He believes that the companies incubated by Silicon Power Technology in 2020 will achieve better development.

Rick Lazansky, Chairman of Silicon Catalyst said in his speech that for each semiconductor startup teams, there is a beautiful desire to make their own company stronger and larger. However, semiconductor entrepreneurship is very difficult, and many entrepreneurs will encounter many unexpected problems and difficulties. Five years ago, he founded Silicon Catalyst, a semiconductor incubator in Silicon Valley, USA. The original purpose of his SC was to help and support these entrepreneurs. Silicon Catalyst has built an entrepreneurial ecosystem that includes key support factors such as EDA services, investors, and manufacturers. At present, Silicon Catalyst has successfully cultivated more than 30 semiconductor companies. These companies are currently developing very well, and some have become industry leaders. Silicon Catalyst is confident of incubating 300 companies in the next few years.

Rick Lazansky also gave entrepreneurs some advice. Rick Lazansky said that entrepreneurs should be good at communicating with customers. Although investors do not like risky companies, as long as they communicate more and let investors understand your ideas and technologies clearly, they will have a great chance to get investment. Secondly, entrepreneurs must establish firm convictions and confidence, and never give up. Thirdly, in the process of enterprise operation, it is necessary to have a good fund use plan by considering the long-term and controlling the cash flow. Since the human resource cost is the highest in the semiconductor industry, talent introduction and team management are very important. Entrepreneurs must be good at listening to the opinions of consulting companies and consultants, so as to optimize management and maximize the role of talents.


After the speech, a soothing piece of music sounded. With the host’s narration, the sand painting performance began. The sand painting performance was divided into the birth of Silicon Power Technology, corporate mission, gathering of high intelligence, external exchange, scientific research results, settlement in Silicon Power Technology, and New Year resolution. With the change of the narration content, the picture on the LED screen has gradually changed from the beginning of the big egg to a broken egg, a smart brain, an interesting listener, a handshake, and an incubation company logo. In the end, it became a panda holding the logo of Silicon Power Technology. The final figure shows that Silicon Power Technology is firmly established in Sichuan, the hometown of pandas, and is determined to develop power and analog semiconductors. The sketch-like painting style and the mulberry sand yellow color bring the audience back to the 365 extraordinary days of the past year in Silicon Power Technology. These days deserve to be tasted carefully and worthy of being treasured in the heart.

Sichuan Opera's face-changing performance, Sichuan local art, pushed the atmosphere of the party to a climax. Face-changing is a special technique for shaping characters in the art of Sichuan opera. It is a romantic way to reveal the inner thoughts and feelings of characters in the drama. On the stage, as the performer’s body moved and his arms swung up and down quickly, the performer’s facial makeup instantly changed to another texture and color, making the audience shocked and screaming.

After the performance, Jesse Parker, the general manager of Silicon Power Technology, introduced Silicon Power Technology and its achievements in the past year. Jesse Parker said that Silicon Power Technology Co., Ltd. is China's first professional incubator dedicated to power semiconductor start-ups. With advanced operating models and the enthusiasm of the founders of Silicon Power Technology for the integrated circuit business, we have provided the most complete, the highest quality services for start-ups. One year after its establishment, Silicon Power Technology has attracted 11 start-ups and 6 PhDs, and all of its employees total more than 50. It has also successfully applied for 10 patents and introduced investment of nearly RMB 20 million yuan. This greatly exceeded the expectations at the beginning of the year, and also successfully completed the first phase of the mission of Silicon Power Technology. In 2020, according to the industry's development situation and the initial plan, we will turn our goal to the direction of analog semiconductor projects. At the same time, we will seize opportunities and leverage our advantages to make full use of resources. While developing incubation business, we will extend our business to the research and development of the third-generation semiconductor products, creating Power Technology's own IP, and meanwhile strengthening the combination of production, education and research, and strengthening cooperation with universities and scientific research institutions such as the Electronic Science and Technology University. With the extensive resources established by SPT, we will actively carry out the transformation of scientific research results, so that more scientific research results can be transformed into the market products and technologies for broader gains. In 2020, Silicon Power Technology stands on a new starting line, and we will be confident to meet greater challenges and strive for greater achievements.

Zhu Xiaoan, Chairman of Honed Chip, said that Honed Chip Technology focuses on integrated circuit design services. In consideration of the high-quality services provided by Silicon Power Technology Incubator and Chengdu's location and semiconductor industry advantages, Honed Chip chose to settle in Silicon Power Technology Incubator. In recent years, the Chengdu team of Honed Chip Technology has provided integrated circuit design services to many well-known semiconductor companies in China. With the expansion of the business, Honed Chip Technology team has increased from the initial four or five employees to the current dozen or more. In the coming New Year, with the support and help of Silicon Power Technology Incubator, Hone Chip will continuously improve the design level and service capabilities, expand customers, and achieve better results.

In order to motivate the incubated companies to strengthen their confidence in product research and development, and to commend their achievements, the incubator also evaluated the 2019 annual outstanding incubation companies and awarded them medals.

The annual meeting also presented awards to outstanding employees of the year 2019.